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Travertine Tiles

Ivory Filled & Honed
Walnut Filled & Honed
Durango Antique Filled & Honed Travertine
Ivory Travertine Honed & Filled Walnut Filled & Honed Durango antique filled & honed
Gold Travertine
Peach Travertine
Noche Travertine
Gold travertine honed & filled Peach Travertine Noche Travertine
Noche Travertine
Vein Cut
Silver Travertine
Antico Onyx Travertine
noche vein cut Silver Travertine Antico Onyx Travertine

     Travertine Tile:
     Travertine tile is one of the most frequently used stones in modern architecture, and is commonly seen as facade material, wall cladding, and flooring. The largest building in the world constructed largely of travertine is the Colosseum in Rome. Another notable building using travertine extensively is the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California. The travertine used in the construction was imported from Tivoli, Italy, near Rome. The travertien tile is most widely used in Italy, Greece and Turkey.
     Travertine is one of several natural stones that are used for paving patios and garden paths. The travertine stone is characterized by pitted holes and troughs in its surface. Some installers use a grout to fill these holes, whereas others leave them open travertine tile can even be purchased "filled" or "unfilled." It can be effectively polished to a smooth, shiny finish and comes in a variety of colors from grey to coral-red. Travertine is most commonly available in tile sizes for floor installations.
     Available finishes:
     Polished: Available in both Travertine and Marble. Polish on the marble is more lasting due to the composition of the stone.
     Honed and Filled: Most common finish for travertine tile. Surface of the Travertine tile is given a matte finish.
     Brushed: (Antiqued) Wire brushes are used to give the stone an aged look.
     Tumbled: Travertine tiles are put in a tumbling machine with coarse material which will wear out the stone and give it an aged look.
     Chiseled Edging: A rustic, unrefined finish that creates a timeless atmosphere even in modern construction.