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Marble Tiles

Afyon Gold
Crema Marfil
Crema Nuova
Crema Fiorito
White carrara
Dark Carrara
White Carrara Dark Carrara
Botticino Royale
Black W/white Vein
Botticino Botticino Royale black with white vein
Opal Beige
Opal Beige
Marble Tile:
     Marble is perfect to use any room in your home. Marble is a metamorphic stone formed when limestone is compressed for extended periods of time. It is typically found in the roots of mountains, and is composed of up to 95% calcite.
      Marble tile is available in several finishes:
     • Polished marble tile: ¬ An elegant, high shine for a more stately and formal appearance.
     • Honed marble tile: ¬ An understated matte finish that softens the stone’s appearance, creating a casual atmosphere in any room.
     • Brushed marble tile: ¬ An antique finish that gives your room a reserved, old-world ambiance.
     • Tumbled ¬ marble tile: A finish that offers you antiqued, ageless style in neutral colors.